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The Importance of Incorporating Flowers into Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are popular today and may range from a simple training seminar to a fun brainstorming session to a unique celebration. Regardless of the reason for your corporate event, be sure to take some of these tips into account when you’re in the planning phases.

Set Your Goals and Appropriate Theme 

Be sure you clearly identify the goals you want to accomplish during your corporate event. Obviously, if you want to inform and educate your employees about a new policy, product or procedure, you will want to set a certain atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you want to create a party atmosphere to celebrate, appreciate and have some fun, you’ll select a more playful theme.

Use Flowers to Enhance Your Theme 

Talk with your florist Las Vegas to generate some great ideas on how to incorporate fresh flowers into your event. A professional can help you do everything from design subtle to eccentric floral centerpieces for your tables to creating a floral border, entranceway or photo opportunity elsewhere in your venue.

Set the Tone Early and Reinforce Often 

Once you have selected your theme, be sure to introduce it early and come back to it often in your corporate event. For example, if you decide to go with a sports theme, you may suggest employees come to the event wearing their favorite team jersey or hat. If you want to create a fairy-tale environment, decorate your entrance way and check-in area with colors, flowers, and lighting that transforms your meeting space into a fairytale storybook setting. One of the best ways to enhance a theme is through color schemes and floral arrangements.

Incorporate Lots of Activities 

No one enjoys attending a long, corporate event to find themselves sitting for hours on end. If you need to have some lecture or presentation time, be sure to intersperse small group or other activities in between sessions. If you can get your team up, moving, talking and thinking, they will retain more information in the end.

If you’re planning a corporate party or celebration, you may want to incorporate some fun stations within your venue to supplement the typical networking component of a party. You could add a fun, photo dress-up area, perfect for sharing on social media, eccentric stations for temporary tattoos or hair coloring, and unique themed snacks and drinks that will be discussed for months to come.

Add Follow-up Activities or Feedback 

Once the event is done, but sure to take it one step further to wrap things up. If you’re just planning a celebration or party, ask for feedback about how your employees perceived and enjoyed the event for future planning. What was their favorite part? What are their favorite flowers (so you can start planning for next year)?

The follow-up sessions are more important for training or informative events. Consider organizing small groups or other teams to implement the action plans that resulted from your event to make sure end goals get met.

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