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The Three Most Lavish Flowers to Incorporate into Your Wedding

Flowers are an excellent gift for any occasion. Whether you’re mourning a loss or celebrating an exciting life milestone, they often convey care, concern, or appreciation more than words. For that reason, Americans spend over $26 billion annually on floral arrangements! But of all the varieties available, people generally gravitate towards the same kinds. This is especially true for weddings. By learning some of the lesser-known and equally stunning varieties, however, you’ll make a memorable impression at your wedding with a standout bouquet.

Casablanca Lilies

Worldwide, lilies are the fourth most popular flower used to celebrate an event. There are many different kinds of lilies, but only a few are commonly used in floral arrangements. Since lilies symbolize devotion, purity, and happiness, they’re an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony. But if you want a variety that (literally) stands out from the crowd, ask a florist about Casablanca lilies. These magnificent lilies can reach four feet in height. Their brilliant white hues and intoxicating fragrance make them a show-stopper at any wedding.

Juliette Rose

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world for showing love and affection. There are dozens of varieties and an assortment of colors, all of which have different meanings. Even though roses are some of the most common species found in wedding bouquets, you can still find a rare and lavish variety to give your bouquet an exotic twist. A good option is the Juliette rose, which is an award-winning species that was carefully cultivated for over 15 years. With a price tag of $15 million, the most expensive Juliette rose may be a bit out of your price range. But you can certainly ask your local florist about less expensive Juliette roses to create a more affordable but equally stunning bouquet.


Proteas is another lavish but less common flower that dresses up a wedding bouquet. This species symbolizes hope and happiness. It is native to South Africa, but it appears in floral shops around the world. In the wild, the flower’s rich nectar supplies make it a prime source of food for hummingbirds. It comes in many colors ranging from white to purple and orange. Proteas has spiky petals that add a dramatic flair to simple bouquets. It looks particularly impressive when placed in a bouquet with gardenias or other types of small white flowers. If you want a wedding bouquet that stands out from the crowd, there are many unique and beautiful floral options to consider. From lesser-known varieties of common species like roses and lilies to exotic species native to other parts of the world, it’s easy to create a stunning bouquet. A professional florist can work with you to create a picture-perfect bouquet considering your preference of color and even fragrance. Florists can also explain the best options available depending on the time of year and your price range.

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