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Wedding Flowers: A Brief History of the Bridal Bouquet

The tradition of wedding flowers began with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Both the bride and groom donned crowns and garland for wedding ceremonies. Different flowers symbolized different attributes.

·      Ivy was worn by brides and symbolized eternal love and fidelity.

·      Sage signified wisdom.

·      Dill signified lust.

·      Garlic warded off evil spirits and temptation.

·      Orange blossoms symbolized fertility because the tree’s fruits and flowers bloom simultaneously.

Flowers grew significantly more popular during the Middle Ages, likely because of the Mary Gardens — gardens that were dedicated to the worship of Virgin Mary. Flowers picked from these gardens signified her presence. Certain flowers also symbolized the divine in religious wedding ceremonies.

Flowers increasingly were used for their scents in practical fashion, such as to mask the odor caused by plagues. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that wedding flowers reached a much higher level of romanticism.

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