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What Flower is Best for Your Occasion?

As the saying goes, there is a song for every occasion. That applies to flowers, too. No matter what kind of event you’re preparing for, whether it’s a wedding or funeral, you will find the perfect celebratory flower. There are thousands of flower species in the world, and each has its meaning and place in planning an event.

Happy Occasions

For a happy event like a birthday party or an anniversary, a florist Las Vegas can recommend colorful flowers to make your arrangement stand out. Bright colors symbolize happiness and cheer. Pinks, whites, and reds (think tulips and daisies) are popular for celebrating happy events.

Romantic Celebrations

For a more romantic celebration like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, pink and red are standard go-to colors. Red roses are one of the most common and widespread of all bouquet flowers. But if you’re looking for something more original, a florist Las Vegas can make recommendations. Carnations, daisies, and tulips are excellent choices for an alternative to red roses. You can create a dramatic floral arrangement by varying the type of flowers in the bouquet. You can also use flowers of different shades (such as multiple shades of pink) to create an equally magnificent effect.


Unfortunately, not all events are happy occasions. However, there are flowers to fit a more solemn ceremony, too. Darker colored flowers are a popular traditional choice for funeral flowers Las Vegas. But some people also like to use white flowers to honor a loved one’s life. Your choice of flower should also be fitting for the type of funeral you’re planning. Creating a floral arrangement with your loved one’s favorite flowers is also a good option, as it makes the arrangement more personal and helps keep the individual’s memories alive.


Of all the events people buy floral arrangements for, weddings are among the most popular. Historically, weddings have been accompanied by white floral arrangements. But other color schemes, like purple and green, black and white, gold, and silver, are becoming popular too. White roses, peonies, and chrysanthemum are top choices.

Setting the Mood

The ambiance of the event will determine the type of flowers that you use. Casual events warrant decoration with less formal displays. Daisies, tulips, and other flowers with plenty of color are excellent choices for a more informal flower arrangement. Similarly, you’ll want to use more formal flowers for a sophisticated event. Orchids and luxury roses are popular choices for creating a showy floral display for a more upscale occasion. Remember to keep the crowd in mind when choosing your floral arrangement, too.

It might seem like a small detail, but a floral arrangement is an essential part of any event, regardless of whether the occasion is happy or sad. If you’re not sure what kind of floral arrangement to choose for your upcoming event, contact a florist Las Vegas for help.

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